Metals and mining

Facing rising competition and stricter regulation effectively

The value chain of the metal and mining industry competing on the international stage extends from raw material extraction in the upstream industry to downstream metal processing as well as metal trading and recycling. The challenges for this industry are great. Your company faces rising international competition and regulatory pressure is also growing with regard to sustainable production processes or trade barriers. Whether it is batteries, windmills, or aircraft: Demand seems assured for the medium and long-term. We develop approaches to face these challenges in the best possible way together with you.

Increased efficiency through automation

Optimizing purchasing and production

Because sales prices are determined by the markets, your industry is strongly focused on optimizing purchasing and production. On the purchasing side, negotiations with suppliers around the world contribute significantly to your margins. On the production side, the pressure of efficiency is growing, with digitalization and predictive approaches creating automated production systems. Societal and technological changes are driving demand in the market for (recycled) metals and increasing the pressure on margins at the same time. Our tailored solutions help you to make costs transparent and structure your company to be ready for the future.

Industry-specific management models

Taking metallurgy into account

Our experts support you with knowledge of the mining and metal industry. We optimize your purchasing systems and evaluate your material efficiency together with you. We improve your processes against the background of metallurgical and economic factors. The success and progress of your company can be measured precisely through the implementation of industry-specific controlling solutions. We also point out digitalization and automation opportunities to you in order to make your business model sustainable in the long-term.

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