Data modeling and data architectures

Organize data effectively

Effective, secure and successful use of data for corporate management requires the proper coordination of the data architecture and applied BI technologies. In the context of ever-increasing volumes of data, it is important to deploy the right automations. New technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), data science and cloud computing facilitate increasingly effective data operations and therefore better decision-making. We support you in maximizing the digital potential for your corporate management, with a view to creating valuable competitive advantages.

Data-driven corporate management

Modernize data architecture and BI technologies

Our experts will support you in creating a structured data environments for your company and deploying suitable state-of-the-art BI technologies. We will work together with you to map your data in clear, structured models, so you have a consistent and comprehensible view of your information. We optimize the storage, security, scalability and usability of your data by designing a tailor-made data architecture.

Holistic solutions portfolio

Utilize data expertise in a targeted manner

Together with you, our consultants define the requirements for data architecture – from input to output. We offer a holistic solutions portfolio: 

  • Defining the data vision
  • Identifying cross-system and system-specific dependencies
  • Arrangement into one  comprehensive target data architecture structure
  • Defining a data & analytics backbone
  • Support in modeling the data and the data framework