After-sales logistics

Increasing service level and profitability

High customer expectations for deadline, quality and supplier reliability as well as transparent communication processes while simultaneously securing efficient supply chains, challenge the after-sales logistics of your company. Our effective spare parts and service management system confronts this task and establishes a strategic differentiating factor for your competitive advantage.

Complex requirements

Ensure the provision of spare parts and service

Our consultants know to focus on the high requirements of your customers and the characteristics of your specific after-sales supply chain. They derive targeted and relevant control mechanisms to optimize your spare parts logistics. By applying our solution-based practical approach, they achieve effective results in a very short time and improve the value-creation chain of your after-sales organization over the long term.

Project case

Optimizing spare parts availability and supplier performance in the automotive area

Our dynamic team has already achieved successful results in many projects in various industries.

For instance, in order to improve the supplier performance concerning spare parts from a premium automotive OEM, our team optimized their entire after-sales logistics. Our approach here includes

  • increasing parts availability,
  • improving deadline quality, and
  • perfecting customer communication.