Our Initiative & our Network

We are more than a team. We are successfully together. And that’s absolutely regardless of theoretical background, age, world view, origin and gender. Diversity is an elementary component of our Horváth DNA and it is both encouraged and essential to the company, alongside respect and trust. We operate on an equal footing and are driven by mutual appreciation. This is precisely why it is also vital for us to continuously increase the proportion of women working at Horváth. We attach great importance to supporting and promoting women from the start of their careers and throughout all further stages.

We support our female colleagues

Optimum development of women at Horváth requires individual support offerings and conditions that enable female employees to develop their talents to the best effect. To this end we have created specific offerings, training and networks for women, to promote the personal and professional development of our female colleagues. 

During the training, our colleagues learn, for example:

  • Self-confident appearance and behavior in various situations
  • Appropriate handling of conflict situations / confrontational skills
  • Boundary-setting strategies: The art of saying no
  • Professional networking

Our Women@Horváth network

Our Women@Horváth network accompanies and supports our colleagues in shaping their individual career paths, and boosts their visibility on the market. Within our network we exchange views, learn from and inspire each other, generate important momentum in the organization, and actively shape the future of Horváth.

A look at our network’s activities:

  • Comprehensive network meetings 
  • Topic-specific workshops
  • Mentoring sessions where, for example, experienced colleagues report specifically on their own careers and create valuable momentum
  • Buddy program 
  • Contact with external networks

Our Women's Campaign

Support. Inspire. Grow.

We asked our women involved in the Women@Horváth network the following questions:

  • What have we learnt?
  • What drives our success?
  • How do we support each other?

We received some fantastic answers from our community. Discover personal success stories and get some fascinating insights into the life as a consultant.

Learn more about our success stories

I am convinced that diversity in a company is crucial to achieving growth, innovation and excellence. That’s why I think it’s important to support women in reaching all levels and hierarchies within a company. A strong network of like-minded women, which facilitates professional development, exchange of ideas and mutual support, is a fantastic opportunity.


Become LOUDER! Hard work and modesty unfortunately don’t get you far. Every woman can set her own goals for self-marketing – claiming her own successes for herself. We need more women to be involved in programs and conferences, and we must provide them with a platform in order to draw attention to the many smart and great women who are being overlooked.


One-on-one competition is history: The best way to develop a wide spectrum of potential is through networking and mutual support. It is in this spirit that ambitious and motivated women are joining the network – and bringing enthusiasm, ideas and creativity with them. I am confident that this also offers added value for the entire organization and for our customers as well. Make it your game!