Steering within a strategic environment

Strategy is key to corporate management and development. Only companies that know where they want to go and how to get there achieve long-term success. Disruptive technologies, global networking and interdependencies, new competitors and an ever more complex and dynamic competitive landscape all present challenges for your company; however, they also offer new opportunities. Our experts will help you identify the success factors of tomorrow.

New strategic approaches

Be distinct and be better than the competition

Strategy is your path to market leadership. If you want to shape the future, you need to react fast to changing rules and environments, as well as new and old competitors. Our practice-based approaches equip us to rethink your strategies and work with you to implement them. We will help you be distinct and be better than your competition. A courageous approach to fundamental corporate decisions will make your company “distinct”. With this in mind, we examine your customers, product portfolio, markets, brands, sales channels, price structures, value creation, future concepts, human resources and strategic partnerships. To become better than the competition, forget the top-down approach to implementing performance-related measures; these require continual work across the entire scope of your organization.

Integrated strategic process

Structured strategy development

Our integrated strategic process combines tried-and-tested strategy tools with innovative methods and procedures. In conjunction with our strong industry expertise, it equips our experts to support you in strategy development and operationalization.

Within the integrated strategic process, our consultants offer you comprehensive support in developing and implementing strategy, both in terms of methodology and content.

Our added value

A network of leading strategists

For over 15 years, our experts have organized the biggest strategic management conference in Germany. We have established the most extensive network of strategy directors in the German-speaking countries, and continue to coordinate it.

Tried-and-tested methodology

We work closely with you to create custom solutions using our tried-and-tested methods.

As partners and equals

With Horváth, you have a partner that uniquely combines business expertise with creativity.

We think ahead

We are thought leaders in strategy. Definitive publications by our experts include the recent book “Touchdown” by Dr. Oliver Greiner and a wide variety of published studies and white papers.

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