Production, Supply Chain, R&D and Procurement

Uncover and leverage valuable potential

Growing competitive pressure and demanding customer requirements, along with advancing digitalization and globalization, are powering the intensity and speed of change in companies. We will support you in digitalizing your business operations and making processes smart and efficient, so you can leverage valuable potential along the value chain.


Make a sustainable value contribution through optimized purchasing

There are diverse requirements to consider when making companies’ purchasing structures competitive and fit for the future. We will support you in strategic matters and optimize your purchasing or your product group and supplier management. Together, we will implement these optimizations in your organization, your processes and IT systems, and anchor them in your control system. And we apply the same approach both in individual optimization initiatives and in holistic transformation projects related to purchasing.


Successfully meet internal and external requirements

Technological transformation, new competitors and volatile global markets – production networks are being confronted with far-reaching external changes. Internal requirements for production functions are also high, demanding efficiency, dynamism, and innovation. Our experienced consultants will help you efficiently develop your company’s production further.

R&D and Product Lifecycle Management

Achieve excellence in R&D and product lifecycle management

Companies are faced with the task of achieving excellence in R&D and product lifecycle management. This includes developing competitive innovation and product strategies, integrating digital tools and products, and developing the R&D organization in a customer-focused manner. Our consultants will accompany you on this journey – from the product and technology strategy to the R&D management model, via product management, product cost optimization, digital twins and operational R&D performance.

Supply chain management

Effectively control and optimize supply chains

Supply chains connect global value creation processes between suppliers, production sites, logistics locations, and customers. Companies are required to coordinate and manage different partners, processes and systems in order to holistically optimize their performance. Together with you, our experts will develop a custom approach to supply chain transformation – from the right supply chain strategy to efficient processes and high-performance organizational structures.

Digital Operations

Tap into digitalization potential and achieve measurable success

Technical innovations offer huge potential in production and across the entire supply chain. Our experts have developed an integrated, proven process model which you can use to identify and make use of the opportunities offered by digitalization in your company. This will enable you to optimize costs, enhance efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

Working Capital Management

Reduce capital needs and generate shareholder value

Freeing up working capital is one of the core tasks in working capital management. The aim is to increase liquidity and generate additional growth potential for companies. Our experienced consultants take a holistic, end-to-end process perspective to optimizing your working capital management, and thereby increasing the value of your company. We analyze and optimize receivables, liabilities and inventories with a cross-functional optimization approach. We also take into account the organizational implications and necessity of a working capital management strategy.

Operations Insights

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