Digital adoption

Shaping digital transformations successfully

Automation, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies herald a new era in digital work. Disruptive business models are emerging. Customer behavior and expectations are changing. Your digital transformation will succeed if you enable the organization and employees to sustainably master digital changes (digital adoption). Our experts support you in introducing new systems such as SAP S/4HANA, exploring future technologies, and establishing a digital culture.

Change approach

Considering your stakeholders in the digital transformation process

The aim of our change approach is to increase acceptance of the digital transformation process. We pursue this goal while considering all relevant stakeholders in your organization. We will work with you to implement tried-and-tested measures based on four levers:

  • Insight and motivation
  • Skills and competencies
  • Role models and culture
  • Structures, processes and systems

Solutions that have been proven in practice

Utilizing the opportunities of digital transformations effectively

Our consultants will show you how to successfully and profitably implement digital transformation in your organization. Our services:

  • Agile co-creation of change processes (including goals, vision, change story, change roadmap)
  • Analyzing stakeholders and change impacts (including stakeholder analysis, personas, change impact analysis)
  • Measuring change and technology acceptance (including pulse checks, change management dashboard)
  • Shaping change and communication measures (from classic newsletters to virtual reality simulation)
  • Developing and implementing a blended learning concept (e.g. learning nuggets, classroom training, informal learning)