Identity and access management

Manage authorizations securely and efficiently

Identity and access management (IAM) takes on the task of ensuring the right access for the right person at the right time. Our experts identify which data need to be protected in your company and how best to do it. They also know which legal framework conditions must be met and can evaluate which IAM software is most appropriate.

Smart IAM

Effective use of IAM for IT and processes

Our expert team can efficiently implement IAM solutions in your company using an extensive set of proven methods. They start by evaluating the status quo using a comprehensive analysis, and on that basis they then devise a tailored target structure. Our experienced consultants consider these success-critical components:

  • IAM governance structures
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Authorizations design
  • Risk-based scoping of IT applications
  • Processes and workflows

With this approach our consultants can sustainably reduce compliance risks for your company, while strengthening transparency and process efficiency by means of a fully digitalized solution.

Holistic strategies

Implement market-proven IAM strategies

With our 20 years of expertise and diverse portfolio of solutions, you can be sure of our ability to successfully implement an IAM strategy in your company. We make use of our own Q-Pro solution to deliver IAM projects quickly and to a very high quality standard. This involves our consultants using a tool which effectively designs roles modeling based on intelligent algorithms, automated mechanisms, and dynamic workflows.

As part of our Access2Hana solution, we integrate the issue of IAM into SAP S/4HANA transformation projects. By combining our IAM and governance expertise with smart, tools-based solutions for modeling authorizations in SAP, we shape the interface between business and IT. In order to protect your company from misuse of privileged rights and critical data, especially in this digital age, our experts are happy to help you develop a privileged access management (PAM) system. A holistic cyber security strategy secures your IT environment.