Interview with Pranjal Kothari, Board member at Sparkasse Bremen

"Who will we actually be in the future?"

What are Sparkasse Bremen's current strategic priorities – and how is the company addressing them? What impact will AI applications have in the future? Pranjal Kothari, Board member and Chief Digital Officer at Sparkasse Bremen, answers these and other interesting questions in our interview.

Mr. Kothari, which strategic priorities are currently at the top of your management agenda?

KOTHARI We are in the midst of an ongoing process of cultural and digital transformation, which is why this is a top strategic priority for us. It covers the whole spectrum of questions from "who are we actually?" and "what will our business model be in five years?" to "what kind of people and technologies do we need to implement the targeted business model?"

Which aspects are you focusing on within each of these topics and what are your approaches?

KOTHARI For example, we plan to digitalize all our key processes as far as possible by 2024. In order to keep pace with the associated changes and to ensure that all employees are "on board" in this regard, we have also completely transformed our business from an organizational perspective. However, this cultural change is far from complete and will certainly occupy us for some time to come.