Industrial goods and machine/plant engineering

Using digital opportunities effectively

The industrial goods and machine/plant engineering sector is characterized by a high export as well as complex development and production steps. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) are reinforcing the digitalization trend. Together with you, we design the global production network, automated processes, and streamline your supply chain.

Our industry expertise

Establishing new business models in the industrial Internet of things

We help you to establish comprehensive after-sales services or entirely new business models in order to guarantee your competitiveness. Our industry experts stand by your side when adapting your range of products and services to new technologies and the global, internet-based distribution network. We work out a strategy together to design a successful transformation via new ecosystems and business models.

Organizational performance

Developing new business models together

In the area of industrial goods and machine/plant engineering, our consultants guide you in managing and optimizing your organization as well as strategically developing new business models:

  • We consider the entire product lifecycle.
  • We are using technologies for machine-to-machine communication in lean factories.
  • We utilize big data as well as machine learning solutions.

We rely on solution approaches for your industry which have proven themselves over and over again in numerous projects. We apply this approach to best prepare your company for the challenges of tomorrow.

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