Consumer Electronics & High Tech

A holistic approach to your business transformation

Intelligent products can no longer be overlooked as an integral part of the consumer electronics and high-tech industry. Increasingly “smart” and interconnected applications are shaping the world of large and small electronic devices. Intelligent products and product-accompanying services make companies stand out from the crowd. At the same time, volatile markets and a strong customer focus on sustainability pose major challenges to businesses. Our consultants will support you in the comprehensive transformation of your company – from corporate strategy to organizational and operational implementation.

Our approach to transformation

Developing future-fit strategies

Rising customer needs, high-performing and innovative products, plus ever-changing market conditions, require a strategic transformation of your company. Consequently, excellent customer experience management, digital business processes, and sustainability aspects are crucial for success. Looking at volatile markets, geographical differences and aspects such as product availability, comprehensive product and customer-segment specific strategies are required to meet desired service levels and to minimize risks in planning and demand forecasting. Our experts will support you in implementing these topics from a holistic point of view.

Our expertise

Implementing innovative solutions

With our industry experience and network of experts, we will help you to develop your company:

  • Strategy: Develop your business strategy using our proven strategic excellence approach 
  • Innovation and digitalization: Manage innovation processes and portfolios to enable your company to adapt to changing market conditions
  • Customer-oriented organization: Optimize customer experience management in the B2C and B2B market
  • Artificial intelligence and big data: Optimize your planning and demand forecasting aprpoaches in volatile markets
  • Supply chain: Minimize the risks arising from geographical influences and volatile product availability

Industry expertise

Developing innovative solutions for strategy and control

As a result of a large number of projects, we are very familiar with the challenges facing the industry and can offer you proven solutions. We support you from concept phase to implementation. The benefit for you:

  • Using our proven sales performance excellence approach, you will be able to successfully master the challenges of the digital customer interface.
  • We improve transparency over product costs and margins considering the global value creation chain and the entire lifecycle.
  • We assist you in your digital transformation using big data analyses and machine learning algorithms.
  • Our proven shared service center and cost engineering approach enables you to optimize your costs.

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