Internal control system

Effectively safeguard operational business processes

Companies have complex structures, processes and procedures. They are tasked with identifying and avoiding operational risks and damage. With an effective and efficient internal control system (ICS) you can make your company processes transparent and protect yourself against process risks. The ICS also makes a fundamental value contribution to achieving your corporate goals. Our consultants will help you to establish a systematic control process in your company. This means you can guarantee reliable accounting and financial reporting, while also meeting the necessary regulatory requirements.

Integrated approach

Full transparency regarding risks and controls

To set up an ICS in a targeted manner, you need to keep a range of success factors in view, and do so holistically. During the conceptualization phase, we coordinate and define the interfaces with other GRC functions such as risk management, compliance or information security. In a systematic process identification phase we identify critical business processes. The safeguarding of these is the focus of the ICS. By defining lean and tool-supported ICS control processes, you can minimize expenses in your departments and make risks and controls more transparent. You will also increase your company’s security through targeted control automation.

ICS expertise

Implementing control procedures successfully

Our experts have supported numerous ICS projects in a huge range of industries. Together, we will implement a control process that suits your business needs. Our focus topics are:

  • Conceptualization and methodology
  • Process capture
  • Software introduction
  • Risk and control identifcation
  • Control automation

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