Trusted governance

From risk management to a trustworthy governance

We are in the era of the “polycrisis” – a world in which suddenly emerging risks are interlinked and mutually reinforce one another. In this world, it is important to take a holistic view, to reduce complexity, create trust and achieve business goals. The challenge for your company is to receive all relevant information in a timely manner and to keep track of their interdependencies. Doing this will enable you to identify critical causal interdependencies at an early stage. Our consultants will help you to create a trustworthy governance.

Integrated risk management approach

Holistically dovetail risk management activities

In many companies, risks are identified and managed in a decentralized and isolated manner. An integrated risk management approach takes a holistic view of your company’s growing ecosystem. It also integrates and links together the various already-existing risk management activities. Together with our experts, you will create a foundational understanding in your company of how goals can actually be derived from your corporate vision, values and guiding principles, and operationalized throughout your governance structure. In this way, you can achieve your goals more reliably and within the framework of established guidelines.

Structured project approach

Successfully establish a Trusted Governance Framework

Our experienced team has developed the Trusted Governance Framework. The aim is to dovetail risk management activities together under a common governance umbrella, in terms of methodology, organization and technology. This structured project approach enables you to streamline your risk management activitiesto better effect. The basis for this is the Trusted Governance Framework. It maps intersections and synergetic potentials between classic “second-line functions” and offers integration points for functional risk management systems. Modular project components represent the individual phases.

What Trusted Governance offers you:

  • Clearly align risk management with corporate values, strategy and objectives
  • Increase acceptance in the organization by integrating existing risk management practices
  • Break up silos for greater transparency
  • Take the strain off day-to-day operations by utilizing synergies for risk queries
  • Place the focus on on managing risks that matter and creating valuable, insightful reporting
  • Simplicity through digitalization – from our CoRi app to GPRC technology

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