Customer Relationship Management

Transformation of data streams into quantifiable customer insights

In an increasingly digitized world, it is hardly possible for companies not to be confronted with CRM - Customer Relationship Management. The relevance of CRM is unquestionably growing and is associated with buzzwords such as ‘customer churn rate’, ‘marketing automation’ or ‘cost per lead’. But often the implemented CRM solutions are not tailored to the individual needs of companies. Our experts will help you to effectively penetrate large amounts of data. Our holistic CRM maturity assessment gives you quantifiable and valuable customer insights.

Integrated CRM System

Focusing on the right target groups

Knowing your customers and being able to assess their preferences is elementary for a targeted approach. We will show you how to efficiently and accurately segment your customers. You will not only learn new things about your target groups, but will subsequently make assumptions measurable – for example, whether your customer interaction measures are successful or which customer segments are particularly affine or at risk of migration for specific products.

Holistic CRM consulting approach using the CRM maturity level model

Use your knowledge in a target-oriented way

Our consultants

  • analyze the (digital) maturity of your processes and data streams,
  • raise the expectations of your internal stakeholders depending on the strategic goals and CRM system requirements (functional, non-functional and technical),
  • create a comprehensive provider preselection (including your individual situation, data structure and company goals),
  • create a long and short list of software providers tailored to your needs (including proof of concept and software demo),
  • calculate a detailed business case for CRM software implementation and
  • provide concrete recommendations for the implementation of the CRM tool that is most precisely suitable for your needs.

We will provide you with valuable impulses, empirical values, trend evaluations and findings from comparisons with other companies. This will enable you to check your positioning and to use the newly gained knowledge in a target-oriented way.

CRM Quick Check

CRM System Check

With our CRM Quick Check Tool you can independently check how mature your current CRM system is and where you stand in comparison to your competitors. And it's quick and easy: you answer the questionnaire online in five to ten minutes. The CRM Quick Check helps you to identify:

  • what level of integration your data landscape has,
  • how high the degree of customer centricity is,
  • how high the informative value and flexibility of your CRM reporting is, or
  • how you can personalize customer approaches.