Sales, Service, Marketing & Pricing

Implementing top-line & revenue management in a customer-focused, effective manner in the digital age

Requirements are constantly changing when it comes to sales, service, marketing and pricing, and companies are faced with the task of expanding excellence and effectiveness in these areas. Digitalization is giving rise to new opportunities to present customers with offerings that go beyond the product. Pricing excellence is a key success factor in traditional business and for digital offerings, and interaction with customers is becoming increasingly complex, multifaceted and demanding. These are some of the areas in which you can modernize, digitalize and professionalize your existing strategies, processes, structures and systems. Your company's potential is immense, with average increases in efficiency of 20 to 30 percent within reach. Our consultants will show you how to grow your profitability by 2 to 8 percentage points over a period of just 12 to 24 months.

Transformation processes

Comprehensively optimizing sales, service, marketing & pricing

Selective performance improvement is often no longer sufficient. If you are considering a transformation in the areas of sales, service, marketing or pricing, we will support your company from strategy to implementation. We offer comprehensive transformation programs to help you achieve your goals in a structured and secure manner. If good concepts can be anchored in management processes, operations and IT systems, they will have an impact. We are happy to support you in all tasks relating to performance enhancement and transformation in the areas of sales, service, marketing and pricing.

Data-driven sales and AI-based pricing

Making quantum leaps with digital sales

Whether multi-channel or omnichannel, digital sales and remote service are highly topical concepts for many industries and offer high potential when it comes to sales, service and marketing. In the future, companies will be collecting more data at different touchpoints, which will open up new disciplines such as data-driven sales and AI-based pricing. Algorithms can answer questions such as how great the cross-selling potential is with your customers and which products are particularly suitable for which customers. This will enable your sales team to specifically address customers who are highly likely to buy. The AI discount recommender also determines the optimal discount for a customer transaction for which the customer is taking advantage of a deal – with a hit probability of up to 95 percent. These innovative approaches will enable you to generate an additional profit contribution of between 2 and 5 percentage points.

Senior Advisor Network

Benefit from the many years of experience of outstanding senior managers!

Our consultants are highly experienced in the successful design and implementation of all types of customer projects. From time to time, however, it may be useful to involve managers with extensive practical experience in a project. In these cases, you can rely on our senior advisor network in the areas of sales, service, marketing & pricing.

In developing our sales strategy, Horváth not only impressed us with their in-depth expertise, but also with their excellent communication and the strong and effective involvement of the entire organization.

Michael Möller, Chief Executive Officer, WIKUS-Sägenfabrik Wilhelm H. Kullmann GmbH & Co. KG

We appreciated the hands-on approach and the can-do mentality of the Horváth consultants. They not only supported us during the design and development phase of the project, but successfully guided us during the implementation of Sales up measures, taking the organization along during the journey.

Edmund Bahr, Program Lead and Head of Production Augsburg, KUKA Germany GmbH