Financial Planning & Analysis/Controlling, Performance Mgmt., Risk & Compliance

Controlling is changing

High competitive pressure, increasing customer requirements and increasing complexity in value creation have exerted considerable demands on the management of companies for many years. Access to high-quality, timely and complete management information gives you a decisive competitive advantage. Our experts will support you in introducing a management model in your company while considering the relevant risk and compliance factors. We stay with you from planning and budgeting through operational controlling and management accounting, to anchoring management reporting in systems, processes and the organization.

Performance management modeling

Effective management through transparency

Companies which have a clear and transparent management concept are more successful than companies that don’t. With our performance management modeling we take an integrated approach, whether we are dealing with classic, digital or diversified business models. Our experts will create a management concept that is derived from your business model and functional requirements, and which meets the actual information needs. Building on this, relevant key figures and interdependencies will be presented for the various company levels and areas, enabling you to manage your company consistently and effectively across all levels.

Planning and forecasting

Combine efficiency, flexibility and management impact

Modern, automated management processes combine high efficiency with high management impact and high flexibility. To develop your planning, budgeting and forecasting processes in this direction, you should ensure they are undergoing regular transformation. Our experienced consultants will support you on the path to a new planning and management approach. Together we will define a target structure and implement it in your company.

Management reporting

Establish a foundation for better decisions

In order to be able to control your company effectively, you need to have on-demand access to pertinent, specific information. Excellent management reporting that is flexible, individual, comprehensive and efficient achieves this. We will support you in designing and implementing a management report that perfectly fits your company. With our innovative and sophisticated solutions, we increase the relevance of the information in your reports or dashboards while at the same time reducing the effort required in your reporting.

Operational control and management accounting

Design and further develop operational management

For more than 30 years, our experts have been designing operational management systems for companies with a huge range of business models. The corporate strategy and operating model form the basis for operational management. Working together with you, we can define management structures, instruments and processes and anchor them in your operational corporate processes and IT systems. We see the implementation of modern and tailor-made operational management as a comprehensive change process – one which we will gladly accompany you in.

Risk & Compliance

Intelligent, holistic risk management

Performance-oriented risk and compliance management is an integral component of modern corporate management. Supported by innovative technologies, you can identify, quantify and incorporate relevant information on risks and opportunities into your decision-making processes. This will enable you to identify threats at an early stage and ensure you can evaluate different courses of action and model them in decision-making scenarios. Our consultants can support you in making your risk and compliance management a fundamental part of your corporate management approach.