Circular economy

Rethinking linear business models

The Green Deal has confirmed the European Union’s objectives to be climate neutrality and the decoupling of economic growth from resource consumption by 2050. Key to achieving these aims is the circular economy, as a cross-functional enabler of innovation and sustainability. Let our experts support you in the sustainable transformation of your business model towards circular forms of value creation.


Effectively generate long-term added value

The Green Deal and the global depletion of resources have a direct impact on companies’ long-term development, and affect all industries. Systematically transformation of your business model gives you the opportunity to generate long-term added value for your customers, investors and employees. This is achieved by holistically analyzing value chains by means of the 10 R framework.

  • Design
  • Energy & material usage
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Use
  • Disposal

Identifying appropriate actions throughout this framework will effectively strengthen your competitiveness and resilience. We use our industry expertise to help you succeed in transforming your value creation proposition. Therefore, we will work together with you to develop a transformation strategy and an innovative business model. In addition, we realign the supply chain and integrate it into a sustainable management model for implementation.

Circular economy systems

Using ecosystems as a driver for growth and innovation

The circular economy has long been more than just a matter of compliance. Pioneers shape circular economy systems on a cross-industry basis, and take action in networks; these can be described as ecosystems in which new and diverse value creation opportunities arise for your customers and partners. By actively helping to shape these ecosystems, you can penetrate new markets and increase your capacity for innovation. We will be happy to support you, from design to management of ecosystems in the circular economy.

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