Operate successfully in volatile markets

Over the past decades, the chemical industry repeatedly succeeded in outperforming the overall market development with regard to total shareholder return. Its position between Metals & Mining and Oil & Gas in the upstream feedstock sector and downstream customers such as Pharmaceuticals, Automotive and Consumer goods made it an indispensable enabler in its value chain. A strategic focus on increasing productivity and optimizing portfolios, paired with a wave of mergers, resulted in a high concentration of powerful market players. The sector was able to participate in the years of economic growth in Asia and profit significantly from it. This era of “simple” achievements could now come to an end.

Turnaround in the chemical industry

Master challenges successfully

The chemical industry is impacted by a variety of factors influencing financial performance. Commodity prices remain volatile, making reliable long-term planning difficult. Global demand is slowing down as new participants, including many Asian players, enter the market. Potential in the downstream move towards specialty chemicals and premium materials like e.g. in the fields of crop protection, catalysts, battery materials remains difficult to reliably quantify. In addition, digital innovations such as e-commerce based platforms and ecosystem companies are profoundly changing the sector. Our industry experience and network of experts help you to successfully address these diverse challenges in the chemical industry and manage the transformation.

Global industry perspective

Effective development of corporate and business sector-specific strategy

Our experts serve the world's leading companies in the chemical industry as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Our industry perspective is global. We keep our eye on current trends, challenges and opportunities for you and take into account regional circumstances. Our advice is holistic:

  • Develop and implement a company-specific and business sector-specific strategy
  • Promote innovation and effectively use Digital & Advanced Analytics
  • Redesign the business model and support organizational transformation
  • Master Post-Merger Integration and Capital Expenditure (CapEx)
  • Successfully introduce Performance Management and the many elements of Operational Excellence

We combine our expertise with our industry-specific knowledge in the areas of

  • Feedstock
  • Petrochemicals
  • Intermediates and plastics
  • Specialty chemicals, such as additives, coatings and pigments
  • Premium materials such as crop protection and catalysts

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