Interview with Christian Polenz, CEO of TeamBank

“AI needs experts who can develop suitable guidelines and drive forward its introduction in a practical way”

Christian Polenz, CEO of Teambank, in an interview about the potential of AI in customer interfaces, the relevance of practical guidelines and the emerging demand for specialists in AI fields.

How do you use AI at TeamBank – what is the goal and what else is planned?

POLENZ We conducted a comprehensive preliminary study in which we analyzed the application scenarios of AI, and GenAI in particular, along a process map, determined the expected benefits and implementation costs, and then prioritized them accordingly. The aim is to give employees access to GenAI tools as quickly as possible.  

Strategically, we focus on the customer interface. We want to improve it with AI and provide our customers with highly personalized support in all phases of the relationship. “TeamBank GPT,” which we are currently setting up, will give our employees secure and data protection-compliant access to ChatGPT. In the customer experience, we aim to provide our customers with comprehensive support in all service and sales processes via chatbots and voicebots.  

We also use AI internally wherever we can exploit efficiency and effectiveness potential for the entire company.