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More opportunities and faster time to value. Explore Finance Transformation with Central Finance.

Finance transformation projects yield great advantages in terms of process efficiency, transparency, technology and resource utilization. At the same time, those projects typically come with long phases of investments at risk, as the associated benefits realize only after a long time of exploration, concept and implementation. An alternative approach is to be fast at the beginning with low disruptive use cases and then continuously implement additional use cases. This is possible with SAP Central Finance based on SAP S/4HANA.

Central Finance Use Cases

The power of Central Finance comes in various dimensions

SAP Central Finance is a fully-featured S/4HANA system with the ability to ingest data from other ERP systems. It is far more than a BI-solution. Automated "re-posting" allows you to realize various use cases that go beyond pure reporting:

  • Central Reporting. Create a Financial Single Source of Truth in real time and on line-item level with Central Finance.
  • Central Closing. Perform your individual and consolidated financial statements in Central Finance - audit compliant
  • Central Processing. Centralize transactional processes in Central Finance - Strengthen process efficiencies and shared service structures
  • Central S/4HANA ERP. Develop Central Finance step by step into a fully comprehensive S/4HANA ERP with all operational processes including logistics.

Central Finance Transformation Approach

Changing processes, technology and organization step by step

With Central Finance, you are flexible in designing the transformation path by upscaling the footprint along different use cases. For each use case, the process, technology and organization have to change gradually and evenly, gently but continuously. In an initial activity, we create transparency over the upscaling path as well as the aspired target state. We support you in creating transparency about the transformation path and defining the desired target state. We then support you in transforming processes, technology and organization with a view to the defined use cases along your development path. With our approach, you improve time-to-value and reduce your investment risk.

The Central Finance transformation approach yields benefits over traditional transformation approaches

Scenarios for the use of Central Finance

Central Finance offers advantages in a wide range of scenarios

Central Finance offers flexibility for the very different situations we encounter with our customers. These include multinational corporations that use Central Finance as a central reporting platform for the operational management of decentralized divisions, or as a catalyst for group financial statements and for mergers and acquisitions. Medium-sized specialists with an international presence also use Central Finance to increase their process efficiency and migrate parts of the group companies completely to the Central Finance / S/4HANA system. Regardless of the starting point and the desired goal, Central Finance is a powerful tool to realize your finance transformation goals: disruption-free, with fast "time to value" and low investment risk.

The company's initial situation provides an initial indication of meaningful Central Finance scenarios

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