Sustainable Supply Chains

Successfully establishing innovative solutions

In addition to fundamental targets such as turnover and costs, social and ecological considerations are playing an increasingly important role for companies. The topic of sustainability is becoming a success-critical management responsibility, particularly along global supply chains. Our consultants will support you in identifying courses of action and innovative solutions to respond to future challenges along your value chain.

Sustainable value creation

Develop strategies and evaluate measures

Our experts are on hand to provide support and advice on

  • defining the target structure and strategies for sustainable value creation,
  • establishing key figures for operational implementation,
  • and anchoring sustainability within your organization.

We also evaluate measures along supply chain processes with a view to achieving a balance between economic and environmental requirements for the value creation of tomorrow.

Effective approaches

Ensure quick wins

At the operational level, we work with you to develop effective approaches that reduce your company’s ecological footprint and ensure quick wins. Our experts will evaluate and define measures along your specific supply chain:

  • Network optimization and climate-neutral infrastructure: multidimensional optimization of supply chain networks, energy efficiency programs and site concepts
  • Resource efficiency: sustainably and fairly produced resources, circularity approaches and recycle/reuse/refurbish concepts
  • Waste management: Yield/waste optimization, avoidance concepts, packaging optimization and Green Kaizen
  • Loading and transport optimization: Fleet management and planning, alternative drives and fuels, capacity optimization and route planning

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