Impulse Paper

Climate Neutral Supply Chains

The highly discussed “EU fit for 55” package, facilitates the green transformation. This ambitioned program is the starting point for business to act now and incorporate climate regulations into their daily business. 

Huge potential for sustainable measures lies in the supply chain. However, economical barriers and challenges exist. Thus, we present you four selected top-levers to balance ecological and economic requirements: (1) Sustainable network design, (2) Sustainable programs for facilities, (3) Material waste reduction & circularity and (4) Green transportation.

To get started the sustainability level of the supply chain needs to be assessed. Afterwards, suitable measures will be defined. To ensure sustainability of the holistic green transformation, it is further necessary to fit single measures to the overall strategy and the entire target operating model.

Wenzel, M. / Maier, K./ Jonas, C. / Gorka, S.
Published in: Impulse Paper, 2021

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