Production Planning and Control

Utilizing production capacity dynamically and optimally

Increasingly short product lifecyles, volatile sales markets, and an increasing variety of variants raise the requirements for production planning and controlling. We show you how to successfully master the balancing act between dynamic management and stable planning. This enables you to comply with the desires of your customers and realize a cost-optimized production plan.

Modern production planning and control

Establishing a holistic planning and control approach

Our experts help you to design your production planning and controls according to your specific business model. We expand on existing processes in a holistic manner together with you. We select and design suitable software solutions for your company. We also consider how to implement them within your organization. In addition, a modified control approach for production ensures that new planning logic will be maintained over the long term.

Increased performance of production planning and control

Establishing solutions based on the customer

We have successfully helped many companies redesign their production planning and controls. Our proven approach focuses on the specific client and is based on specified target values.

We increase the performance of your planning processes according to prioritized targets:

  • Optimizing throughput times
  • Reducing inventories
  • Increasing availability
  • Increasing deadline compliance
  • Reducing reaction times

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