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As an internationally sought-after management consultancy, we help companies make strategic progress, consistently exploit growth potential, establish effective structures and processes, and set the course for success. We support companies and organizations on the path to transformation to achieve sustainable value and success in a changing world. Transformation, performance management, and digitalization are our core competencies and driving forces on the shared Road to Sustainable Value.

Our Latest Insights

New Partners 2024

Congratulations to our new partners!

We reached the next milestone on our growth path and express our warmest congratulations to the newly promoted colleagues who joined our top management team on April 1st. Each of them brings exceptional competencies that will further strengthen our company and enhance our partnership. 

We wish them great success in their new roles!

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Future of Industrial Automation –
Road to Success

The automation industry is facing a variety of global challenges. Many companies in the automation industry are therefore asking themselves which strategic initiatives they should prioritize to be successful in the medium and long term. You can find answers to this in our study. 

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Success factors in M&A
transaction processes

Ongoing uncertainties in economic policy, supply chains, and interest rate developments impact the M&A market, experienced as highly dynamic by industry decision-makers. Our study, "Success factors in M&A transaction processes," provides a unique perspective on the current M&A landscape and strategies for success in a constantly changing world, emphasizing how companies can enhance adaptability and drive innovation through strategic M&A activities.

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Our Initiative & our Network

Our colleagues share personal tips and special experiences and show,
from entry-level to experienced project managers, why they feel particularly comfortable and in good hands here. Discover personal success stories and get some fascinating insights into the life as a consultant.

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Anywhere you can see opportunities for growth or potential for optimization, we are right there with you to implement international projects on your behalf.