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Sustainability as a game changer – How to make real progress despite the crisis

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Corporate management and transformation are our business... and also our passion. As an internationally sought-after management consultancy firm, we will help your company to advance strategically, consistently exploit growth potential, establish effective structures and processes, and set a course for success.

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10 MUST HAVES for highly effective CFOs

A dynamic business environment and changing regulatory requirements force the CFO into a tight spot. To address those requirements, you have to transform towards a best-in-class CFO function. Our 10 MUST HAVES for highly effective CFOs enable you to run a high performance finance organization and to shape the corporate future.

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Christoph Weber in conversation with Reinhard Mahr, CEO Silhouette Group

Ranked #1 in Austria's Leading Companies 2022: Reinhard Mahr, CEO of Silhouette Group, talks to our colleague Christoph Weber about the successful transformation the company has been going through to achieve its best annual results in 15 years despite the difficult circumstances during the Corona crisis.

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We are proud that open and respectful interaction with each other is a matter of course for us and that diversity is a fundamental part of our Horváth DNA and our corporate strategy. In our Proud@Horváth network, we exchange ideas, support each other and actively help shape our inclusive culture.

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Anywhere you can see opportunities for growth or potential for optimization, we are right there with you to implement international projects on your behalf.