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“Insight must precede application.”
Max Planck

Conference Key Note Presentations

Digitization, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, and the profound changes these new technological advances herald demand that governments and businesses, citizens and consumers, management and workers alike inform themselves about the possibilities and challenges these bear. Our speakers cover all technological aspects as well as their socio-economic implications and will introduce large and small audiences to these topics and engage in in-depth discussions on the digitally interconnected world, and how to reap its benefits.

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Management Impulse Presentations

Digital transformation is not just a technological paradigm shift but also – and often much more – a shift in mindset. The way markets are perceived changes and this requires changes in the very way companies are steered. As machines take over an ever larger share of decision-making and execution management, business leaders want to understand the change and the potentials this holds but also the technical and cultural adaptations that are required to prepare the right strategic decisions and set the right priorities. Our digital future is not a straight line and many aspects are quite complex and indeed some are controversial.  Our Impulse Presentations help businesses and digital leaders to catalyze an open in-depth discussion of the many implications and gain insights from beyond their specific industry or immediate challenges. The impulse we transmit ideally helps refine and accelerate existing initiatives or kick-start new ones. Investing a couple of hours of senior management time can make a big difference!

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Management Deep Dive Workshops

Our Deep Dive Workshops at the Steering Lab in Munich have become a reference venue for businesses and digital leaders who want to have a more intimate introduction to Quantitative Business Modeling (QBM) and the possibilities it offers.


With the right blend of must-knows and customized workshop modules our clients take away a most comprehensive overview of the business performance improvement potentials QBM offers.


Workshops can be tailored to industry-specific and/ or functional demands and focus on specific sets of client use cases.


You will discuss detailed aspects of information theory and systemic management and get hands-on experience of the power of state-of-the-art machine learning. Also, you will understand how to move from isolated use cases to integrated digital transformation.


Our experts will demonstrate what is already possible today and what will come tomorrow in the realm of data-based decision-making.


Clients like to compose their participating teams of managers from all functions to gain a multidisciplinary experience and holistic understanding from this workshop.


It helps our clients to assess their own digital initiatives, use cases and methodologies, and reflect on the potentials Quantitative Business Modeling offers beyond their current objectives and ideas.


Every workshop offers ample time to work through a whole set of specific client use cases. We evaluate each use case’s complexity, the effort to implement the respective application and the quantitative business impact.


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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”
Albert Einstein