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The Benchmarking Platform in Controlling, Accounting and Treasury

Established in 2003 by Horváth & Partners, the CFO-Panel examines the main activities of the CFO and finance managers (CFO function). The cornerstone of the CFO-Panel is an ongoing benchmarking study in Controlling and Finance (accounting and treasury).

The goals of the CFO-Panel go far beyond simply gathering comparative data. In order to enhance the performance of the entire finance function, the benchmark database is kept completely up-to-date and provides impetus for joining comparative discussions and thus understanding differences, recognizing trends and inventing innovations.

Data can be entered online all year round. At Horváth & Partners, we ask all member companies to update their data annually, facilitated by a uniform process model which allows for different company forms to be compared. Each company decides which aspects of the finance function they wish to include in the benchmark. Among others, the benchmarks focus on questions on target-setting, organization, resource availability, process design and efficiency, and IT solutions. The findings are evaluated individually and offer a comparison to the Panel average for those questions answered by the participant. Via their online company portal, participants can access and download the benchmarking reports ad hoc after completing the questionnaires.

The network character of the CFO-Panel and its opportunities for exchanging ideas and experiences are underlined by the regular CFO-Panel meetings, at which not only selected findings and best practices are discussed but also new and current trends in controlling and accounting presented.

About the CFO-Panel

Here you can download a general overview of the CFO-Panel.


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