The Finance benchmarking network for CFOs and executives in Finance

Effectively increasing the performance of Finance

The CFO Panel is one of the largest CFO communities and benchmarking databases in the German-speaking world. It was founded in 2003 by Horváth & Partners and currently includes more than 1,000 companies from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland primarily. The CFO Panel focuses on the Finance department. It puts emphasis on significant trends, challenges, areas of responsibility, and activities of Financial directors or Finance management (CFO area). The core elements are continuous benchmarking with regard to quantitative and qualitative data as well as an annual CFO study. This study focuses on current topics and questions within the Finance department.

The goal of the CFO Panel is to go far beyond simply obtaining comparative figures. We want to effectively increase the performance of the entire Finance department. The state-of-the-art benchmark database enables you to enter into comparative discussions. This allows you to understand differences, work out trends, and identify innovations. You can also enter into a non-binding dialog with our experts within the community and discuss current concerns and individual topics as well as potential optimization measures.

Data is collected online throughout the entire year. We request that every member company update their data annually. The basis for this data collection is a unified process model for Finance, controlling, and accounting. This model is coordinated with renowned institutions and work groups and enables you to compare companies of various structures and industries. Every company independently decides the area on which they will share information. This process reviews:

  • Strategy, vision, and mission
  • Organizational structure and resource allocation
  • Process workflows 
  • Particular KPIs
  • Information on the IT landscape as well as the expertise and skills of the finance department

The results are evaluated individually and provide you a direct comparison with the Panel average. The benchmarking report is available for download in your online company portal once you have registered and filled out the questionnaire.

Regular CFO Panel meetings reinforce the network-like character of the group and its opportunities for exchange. You can discuss select results and valuable best practices with other members in great detail. There are also presentations on new trends in Controlling/FP&A and Accounting.

About the CFO Panel

Mastering the digital transformation successfully

You can find exciting information on the CFO Panel and the results report for our current 2019 CFO study for download here. This report will show you

  • The challenges CFOs are currently facing,
  • Which measures have been taken to meet these challenges,
  • And which initiatives have been concretely planned in order to master the digital transformation of the Finance department.