White Paper

„Digital Transformation Framework"

From individual digital projects to holistic digital transformation

Horváth & Partners performed the “Digital Value” study from April to May 2019. 300 executives from 14 industries took part. The results of the study are condensed as follows:

  • Digitization is the driving force in companies, i.e. digitization makes up a large part a company’s investment volume
  • Digitization projects are already delivering measurable results on a broad front, i.e. they have a significant impact on sales, costs and results
  • From an internal perspective, it can be determined that significant digitization competence has been built up, especially at the managerial levels
  • There is also a certain amount of calmness and clear views with respect to managing additional challenges in digitization

Dr. Burmester, L / Zierhofer, R.
Published in: White Paper, 2020

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