White Paper

„Digital Transformation Framework"

The need for digital frameworks and portfolios

At Horváth & Partners, we advise companies in the design, execution, and control of holistic digitization initiatives. We use the tried-and-tested Digital Transformation Framework to organize its customers’ digitization projects. This previously-mentioned framework consists of two perspectives: 

  • Value Lever as a market and value creation-oriented view and 
  • Enabler as a resource-oriented perspective of digitization 

Both perspectives are interdependent and together form the backbone of a holistic digitization.  

The Value Lever perspective can be understood as a journey, beginning with strategic problems to an operational management perspective. The Value Levers include the dimensions and possibilities of the digital business model, digital products and services, possible digital customer interfaces as well as the important corresponding alignment of value creation activities and performance management. 

Enablers, on the other hand, are to be understood as the journeys through the largely internal resources, which allow for the digitization of products, customer interfaces and value creation processes in the first place. This is about the internal anchoring of a digital mindset and digital skills, the digitization of the organization and processes, the enhancement of data and algorithms as an important production factor, the implementation of the correct base technology and the establishment of suitable partner networks. 

Finally, an evaluated digitization portfolio can be set up with simple means and the initial measures can be derived. To find out more about this subject, we advise you to consult our Digital Transformation White Paper down below:

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