FASTER - Planning and steering in a constantly changing world

Everything is getting faster - so planning and performance management need to get faster, too. FASTER is an approach to planning and steering that meets the demands of modern companies and takes your performance management to a new level.

Everything is getting faster – including planning and forecasting

Quiet times are long gone and the speed at which companies (have to) operate is constantly increasing. Technological advances, global connectivity and increasing competitive pressure create a constant need to adapt. At the same time, uncertainty is on the rise - fueled by multiple crises and disruptions. Against this backdrop, organizations need to be more flexible to adapt to rapid change, drive innovation, and meet market demands.

“Move fast. Speed is one of your main advantages over large competitors.” - Sam Altmann

Steering instruments, especially for planning and forecasting, need to be developed accordingly. Metaphorically speaking: To steer a speedboat or a jet, a simple steering wheel is no longer enough. We need tools and processes designed for flexible maneuvering and high speeds.

The right approach for dynamic times: FASTER Planning & Steering

FASTER combines proven, state-of-the-art methodology with modern technology and future-oriented steering processes. The result is a new form of planning and forecasting that meets the demands of the future.

Leverage our expertise to take your planning and performance management to a new level

Horváth's FASTER approach offers a customizable framework for companies to align their corporate performance management with increased requirements. Combining the elements and instruments in a meaningful way is crucial for success.

Would you be interested in an exchange? We would be pleased to collaborate with you to assess how you can make your corporate performance management FASTER.

Klehr, D.