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Digital Operations

Revolution in the engine room

Digitization of the field of operations represents a revolution in the engine room of value creation. New tools and solutions in this area – from predictive analytics to supply chain integration – are opening up extensive potential. This issue of Horváth Directions highlights the special role that process excellence and business-driven planning will play in Operations in future. Find out more.

Strategies for unbeatability

The might of strategy

Times of disruption do not signal the end of strategy work, but rather give it new momentum. Now more than ever, forward-looking organizations – from agile start-ups to established major corporations – need a convincing plan for how to tackle the future. They can only be unbeatable if they are always distinct and being better than their competitors. Find out more.

Transformation in the finance function

Three routes into the digital future

Under the label of "Finance Transformation", the digitization wave is now also streaming through the CFO area. Some companies are, however, struggling to identify the right path to take towards their digital future and how to implement it consistently. This issue of Horváth Directions describes different routes into the digital age. Find out more.

Innovation in disruptive times

Conquering the future

Are you familiar with the Penguin Principle? In his fable of the same name, author John Kotter clearly illustrates that change requires courage, and success depends on a clearly structured approach. The penguin principle is also relevant in this respect to highlight success factors for innovation. Three questions are central: Why, where and how should we innovate? Find out more.

Automation of Service Processes

Working together with robots that think

Will deserted factories now be succeeded by empty administrative offices, as machines take over an ever-increasing number of service tasks? Organizations would be well advised to act expediently to address the opportunities offered by robots in service segments and processes, and the effects this would have. Find out more.

Digitization in Sales

New worlds in customer unterstanding

More than 80% of German decision-makers surveyed stated that digitization has already arrived in key organizational areas. The changes this brings are particularly noticeable in sales. So this issue will be focusing on all facets of digital customer experience management and predictive analytics. Find out more.