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Mastering the Digital Transformation in Chemicals

The market is changing - megatrends are shaping the digital transformation in all industries and business sectors. COVID-19 has additionally disclosed the need for digital processes and new technologies and thus, has even accelerated the speed of digitalization in many companies.

The chemical industry has not been spared from these developments either. Although the chemical industry has generally been slow to adopt new digital technologies in the past, several digital use cases are currently being developed and implemented along the entire value chain. Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics or intelligent process automation are just a few initiatives that are making their way into the long list of digital use cases of the individual business and functional areas.

As many companies scale their digital initiatives, some of the key questions are whether these initiatives will have a lasting impact on the business success and whether the digital approaches are in line with the company’s overall digital strategy.

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Kaib, S. / Dr. Spanuth, T.
Published in: Point of View, 2021

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