Digital Target Operating Model

Translate Strategy into Operations

Having a digital strategy is essential, but having a digital target operating model is where the money is made. Any strategy that does not translate into operations is worthless.

From Strategy to Operations

Designing the Digital Target Operating Model

At Horváth Digital we have discovered the most effective and equally elegant way of linking business model and digital operating model based on a digital strategy. Our digital enterprise target picture allows all aspects of the business model to be linked via the digital strategy and initiatives to all aspects of the operating model.

This enables us to design a complete target picture which embeds all existing and new initiatives into one comprehensive digital target operating model (DTOM).

The core of the DTOM are the business processes and their digitalization potential. We support in identifying, evaluating and modularizing processes in order to make them ready for digitalization.

This is not just about making analog workflows digital – it is about redesigning process landscapes from an end-to-end, customer-centric point of view based on best-practice process models and service architecture design principles. We deploy the full range of our frameworks for large scale process automation, lean management and Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM).

Our integrative and practical approach takes the process-specific requirements of your company into consideration, and intelligently integrates current automation technologies by leveraging our partner ecosystem to improve your service quality and efficiency. We consult with you every step of the way to make automation projects a strategic focus of your organization, with the eventual outcome of producing a company-specific automation TOM. All this creates a solid basis for rollout throughout your company, leading to a significant increase in efficiency.

Our approach is highly structured and quantified. Even the smallest module of an initiative is business case driven and every initiative needs to deliver exceptional ROI prioritized for implementation. The elegance of our fractal design methodology lies in its unlimited flexibility and the ability to realize even large-scale digital transformation initiatives fully self-funded.