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Aligning Business and Digital Strategy

The success of a digital strategy hinges on its alignment to the business strategy and the corporate objectives. Without strong links between the two, the digital strategy will never be implemented properly. Many companies have weakened their link between business and digital strategy and subsequently lost traction. Some have even dropped their digital ambition altogether.

From Use Case Hunting to Digital Transformation

Designing an effective Digital Strategy

However, the concept of a digital strategy is not to blame, but rather its absence or poor design. Most digital initiatives were based on a fairly laissez-faire approach, often with a focus on company-wide use case hunting. Deductive prescriptions to employ CDOs, build a digital lab and buy a couple of start-ups did not deliver the expected transformation. In fact, this unmanaged evolutionary approach invoked many failures, which again led to growing resistance within functions and departments against any new digital initiatives.

Surprisingly, one culprit was agility itself. Agility cannot replace a strategy and a transformational structure; it can only catalyze it. A comprehensive change of a business is impossible to achieve without the framework of a context structure and the respective long- term objectives. Agility needs to operate within this framework not outside of it.

This is why many initiatives got lost in complexity and it reality hit home that becoming a truly digital and data-driven business is no small feat; it’s a fundamental change and requires a transformational business case and top management driven approach, with a proper strategy and clearly defined and quantifiable initiatives.

Horváth Digital understands the complexity of designing an effective digital strategy and how to operationalize it. We are able to assess and design the most comprehensive, effective and efficiently operationable digital strategy, which perfectly links into and boosts your overall business strategy.

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