Digital transformation

Integrate implementation of digitalization initiatives

Digital transformation affects all industries, as it is one of the most important levers for growth. Digitalization and associated technological progress are radically changing customer needs and behavior. This is leading to new requirements for companies: They need to transform their value creation approach or develop new business areas and models. But most digitalization initiatives focus almost exclusively on customer interaction, and not on the big picture. To resolve the issues associated with this one-sided focus, we have developed an integrated approach in the form of the digital platform. Our consultants will support you in the sustainable digital transformation of your company.

Digital platform

Effectively strengthen competitive advantages

The core of our integrated approach is formed by the digital platform as a connecting and inclusive element. Our three-step approach enables you to reposition yourself for your customers and effectively strengthen your competitive advantage: 

  1. Vision and business strategy: As a first step, we work together to define your business architecture, based on elements including the customer journey.
  2. Platform architecture: The second step is to specify design principles and IT capabilities and draft an IT architecture. 
  3. Agile method and digital platform: In the third step we will record the transformation measures in a roadmap that you implement in an agile manner. 

New fields of business

Successfully leverage the advantages of a digital platform

The digital platform integrates ecosystem partners and customers alike, and offers all stakeholders significant advantages. An example from our consulting practice: The electric vehicles marketplace is growing – as are the key drivers of charging infrastructure and battery costs. Companies wanting to acquire electric cars face a fragmented market of suppliers for the components they need. This market fragmentation offers energy suppliers the opportunity to open up new business areas by becoming one-stop-shops for electric cars and the central point of contact in the field of e-mobility, by means of a digital platform. Partners benefit from an additional sales channel, and customers can take advantage of all e-mobility services in an optimized end-to-end offering.