Digital Engine

The Core of the Data-Driven Business

At the core of the data-driven business lies the digital engine which powers the digital target operating model.

An elastic IT infrastructure

A multi-layered design

It builds on any existing IT infrastructure as it can assimilate existing applications and data storage and transmission structures. The secret of its effectiveness is a multi-layered design which allows infrastructure changes while exploiting all existing sensor, processing and motor capabilities. The layered design is a long-pursued objective to disentangle the highly calcified IT infrastructure of many mature businesses and render it elastic again. A modern API platform strategy in this context is a critical component of digital transformation, enabling both, disentanglement and connectivity at the same time.

The digital business will acquire layers of powerful sensorics and motor and transaction capabilities which need to be linked to data storage and application layers alike without suffocating the whole infrastructure. As the underlying technologies will develop rapidly, it is imperative to ensure maximum IT infrastructure elasticity.

At the center of the digital engine lies the mind of the data-driven business, the Algorithmic Target Operating Model. It breathes intelligence into processes, production machines, infrastructure and products and services alike.

It is the big productivity lever that generates exceptional ROI and enables budget neutral self-funding of any digital transformation initiative or parts of it. It draws its data from the data layer and can run on any cutting-edge digital platform such as AWS, AZURE, SAP.

Its product modules run on Edge Computing platforms or on our high-performance framework platform AAURUM, on which we can host the most exotic BDML applications. With AAURUM, a powerful bid data and machine learning framework, we can solve the bandwidth and remote learning problem and can ensure data propriety, ownership and deliver high-security solutions.