Digital-enabled benchmarking

Successfully start into the digital transformation

Our world today doesn’t make it easy to keep up with all digital developments and to respond to them. Many companies are unable to assess how they are performing in individual value creation stages, in terms of costs and efficiency and in comparison to the market. As such it is difficult for them to identify where and how they can use digitalization to improve processes and organizational structures. We help with this by taking a holistic view in identifying potential, and together we can work to put effective measures on your agenda.

Digital benchmarking platform

Effectively identifying potential for optimization

We take your business to the next level. Start your company’s digital transformation with our digital-enabled benchmarking. Together with our experts, you will analyze your company’s performance and compare it with other companies. Our benchmarks provide insights to functional and key performance indicators from recognized benchmarking companies. This enables you to identify and realize optimization potential in your organization.

Data pool

Increasing the performance of functions and processes

The data that our digital-enabled benchmarking is built on, offers clear benefits in the digital transformation of your company:

  • Positioning: Assess how effective your functions and processes are compared to the state-of-the-art on the market
  • Comparability: Automated quality assurance and representation of your current data
  • Enhanced data quality: Make the current and future performance level of your organization transparent
  • Efficient data processing: Estimate the current cost level and identify clear starting points for optimizing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Visualization: Be confident about the strategic orientation of your organization and the justified case for implementation of internal decisions