White Paper

Circularity in the Wind Power Industry

Status quo and recommendations

The European Green Deal brings the ultimate goals of becoming the first climate neutral continent in 2050 and decoupling growth from resource consumption. Wind power will play a major role in achieving this. But: it still comes with the consumption of large amounts of material and energy. Embracing wind power as a fully circular business – from design and extended production life to final raw material recovery – would make a difference. Hence, wind turbine producers can increase asset value through circularity as well as not wasting natural resources and energy.

In this white paper we present a solution, based on the 10 R framework from Potting et al (2017). Learn more about this approach, that provides a good concept for the industry and regulators to identify all relevant levers for the increase of circularity within the life cycle of wind turbines and the wind power industry in general.   

Hartl, P. /  Lentes, J. 
Published in: White Paper, 2023

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