Leverage potentials for new business models

As a virtual and immersive environment, the metaverse offers users groundbreaking new interactive experiences. The Metaverse has the potential to disrupt traditional business models and create new opportunities for growth and innovation. The metaverse allows businesses to reach customers and establish customer relationships in completely new ways – for example by addressing totally new customer segments or by creating immersive, interactive experiences. Our consultants are metaverse professionals who support your business to identify potentials, develop strategies and create metaverse experiences.

The Horváth metaverse layer system

Structured framework for the classification of terminologies

What is the metaverse? Moreover, how can your company leverage the corresponding potential effectively? Our Horváth metaverse layer system structures the terms circulating around the metaverse into four different layers. We use a tree-structured framework to illustrate the broad spectrum of what the metaverse offers: The roots represent selected factors that enable the development of the metaverse; the trunk symbolizes the underlying technologies; the branches reflect the available and evolving infrastructure; and the fruits represent individual experiences and solutions offered by the metaverse.

Horváth Metaverse Layer System

Metaverse service

Development of metaverse strategies and their successful implementation

The metaverse unlocks a huge range of opportunities for you to explore new business models. The Horváth metaverse layer system serves as a basis for common understanding and for identifying company- and industry-specific potentials. Our metaverse experts gained experience from projects in a wide range of industries. In close collaboration with you, they will develop a target picture for your company and evaluate potential use cases. We work with acknowledged partners such as technology agencies specialized on creating unique metaverse experiences to achieve customer-specific integrations. Our chosen partners offer additional technological expertise, particularly in areas such as NFTs, Web 3.0, and virtual and augmented reality.

The Metaverse offers users an enhanced immersive virtual experience and multisensory interactions by merging physical reality with digital virtuality.

The Horváth Metaverse definition​