Innovation projects

Launching innovations on the market

Your new innovation solves a validated customer problem, the market potential is there – all the signs indicate that you are on to something big for your company. But how can you quickly develop this innovation, launch it on the market and win over new customer groups? As a general contractor, we take responsibility for your innovation projects and support you with a broad network – from the initial idea through to market launch.

Concept development

Developing the right ideas

We work with you to define the strategy, positioning, mechanics and profit mechanisms for the new business area. We then develop the underlying product and service portfolio from that basis. By intensively involving (potential) customers, we maximize acceptance on the market and increase the probability of successful implementation. Our experts will also support you with all questions relating to IT architecture, sourcing, branding and marketing and other topics.

Concept implementation

Putting the right ideas into practice in the right order

From the product roadmap to product development, market launch and operation, we will work with you to successfully implement jointly developed or existing concepts. We know that new products and services – whether physical, digital or hybrid – need to be integrated into an organization. Our consultants will help you to

  • define and implement a target operating model,
  • identify connections with your organization,
  • develop a new organization, and empower your employees.

We will also support you during operation and further development phases for as long as you wish.

Comprehensive advice

Benefiting from an agile approach

We have successfully supported many companies with their innovation projects in our role as a general contractor. These include TEO from the Sparda Group in Germany, ZAK from Bank Cler in Switzerland and many others. These are the benefits of our proven approach:

  • We supply the competencies that you do not have available or for which there is a shortfall.
  • Thanks to our agile approach, we can offer you a fast go-to-market.
  • We fulfill functions as a general contractor, significantly reducing the administrative outlay for you.
  • Right from the start, we look at how the new business model interacts with your company’s existing structures.

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