Competition monitoring

Installing market intelligence effectively

In increasingly dynamic markets and with ever-growing information density, it is almost impossible for companies to keep track of the most relevant developments. Companies are being confronted with increasingly complex requirements for products and services, and conventional environmental monitoring methods and inspiration sources such as trend tools provide almost no competitive advantage these days on account of their standardization. What’s more, many companies are still seeking out trends manually, or using traditional trend radars to find them. This inevitably leads to subjectivity and limitation with regard to the amount of information that can be handled. Our consultants will help you to install market intelligence that ensures you can always keep track of your competitors.

Automatic trend screening

Be one step ahead of the competition

Effective regular strategy review and development of strategic approaches based on the latest developments requires extensive knowledge of the market. Whether in terms of consolidations, regulations, new products, services or alliances, the monitoring of strategically relevant fields is a critical success factor for sustainable strategy work. On price-sensitive markets in particular, it is important to keep track of your competitors and their offerings – because even the smallest change can have a big impact on your business. Our screening solution focuses on specified competitors, automatically flagging published changes in their offerings and visualizing these changes as a dashboard. Our automated trend search can be adapted to every question and filters the results that are valuable to you from over 120 million online documents, giving you a transparent overview of the developments you are interested in.

Trend screening tool

Environmental monitoring tailored to you

Our predictive screening solutions can help you with various issues – from operational competitive analysis to strategy reports. We adapt our automated environmental monitoring system to the issues you are interested in and help to establish it within your company. We start by carrying out a preliminary study to determine your needs and work together with you to orient the trend screening tool.

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