Actively creating future scenarios

A pandemic is currently causing shockwaves around the world and paralyzing certain processes. It is important for companies to anticipate such eventualities early. Thinking ahead means helping to shape the future and playing an active role. Our consultants will help you to imagine potential futures and actively steer towards a selected reference scenario. At the same time, we define future-proofing measures that help prepare you for possible scenarios – using consistent environmental monitoring, for example in the form of trends, and the development of future scenarios using scenario technology. Here the focus is on dealing proactively with the future.

Scenario technology

Effectively developing systematic visions of the future

Scenario technology first appeared in the corporate world in the 1970s, when oil company Shell painted a picture of a future without oil. Scenario technology is based on a structured, data-supported approach. In four steps, we will help you to develop future scenarios for your company:

  1. Defining influencing factors: These are factors that have an impact on the industry or the business environment.
  2. Identifying key factors: Selecting factors that have a high degree of interaction – i.e. which have a strong influence and are themselves strongly influenced.
  3. Projection design: Each key factor is expressed differently, allowing different “future images” to be created for the specific factor.
  4. Composition of scenarios: The projections from Step 3 are combined to form scenarios.

The specific influencing factors and key factors identified for your company help produce future scenarios that serve as the basis or cross-check for your strategy.

Strategy work

Focusing on the future you want

We select one of the scenarios we have developed with you as a reference scenario. Your company will then focus strategically on this scenario, following the principle of “creating instead of reacting”. This will enable you to consolidate your active role in shaping this future. Together we will develop strategic measures that are relevant for all future scenarios, thus ensuring the robustness of your company in all situations.

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