Global Business Radar®

Effective use of data

The Big Data concept has been more than just a buzzword for a long time now. Companies today are automatically generating and collecting data in enormous quantities. Innovative analysis tools support you in gaining a real competitive advantage from data. With Global Business Radar® we can simplify innovation for you. Our software analyzes mass data on an automated basis and extremely efficiently. We can ensure you always have a clear overview of decision-related information regarding key market developments and trends, the relevant operators, and the associated opportunities and risks.

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Action concept

Successful implementation of Big Data analyses

A key success factor for Big Data analysis is the identification of relevant use cases. Our experts will work with you in a kick-off workshop to pinpoint the right areas of application for your company, thereby enabling you to translate data into the right action concepts.

The response to these and similar questions are critical to success:

  • How do the prices for key resources change?
  • Which products are in particularly high demand in which markets?
  • Which distribution channels are best suited to my products?
  • How is my market positioning compared with the competition?

In the analysis phase, our team specifically combines established research methods with the innovative analysis techniques of our Global Business Radar® to create a tangible basis for your strategic decisions. Based on the central results, the team will clearly set out recommended actions in the form of a management report, and discuss them with you. In this way we give you an overview of all key decision factors and allow you to evaluate them in all their various aspects.

Big Data expertise

Combining skills and optimizing decision-making

Integration into the specific business context is key to fully exploiting the potential of innovative Big Data analyses: Only by combining process expertise and technical proficiency can you obtain strategically relevant information and make better decisions as a result. Our management consultancy experts combine key skills to form agile interdisciplinary teams, and then work collaboratively with Horváth Steering Lab data scientists, specialized in the use of innovative analysis techniques. Global Business Radar® creates the ideal conditions for optimizing and accelerating your decision-making processes, guaranteeing that your company’s next step will be a step in the right direction.