Comprehensive optimization approach

Integrating business processes and organizational structures

Processes and organizations that have grown historically are often put to the test as part of large ERP transformation projects or efficiency increasing projects. Our experts provide you with professional experience in how to optimize business processes and the organizational structure of your company. Our comprehensive approach increases the performance of your organization. It creates sustainable added value and secures an important competitive advantage for you. And all of that in consideration of end-to-end processes in your production network.

Strategic alignment

Aligning business processes and organizational structures in accordance with strategy

From top floor to shop floor: Together with you, we consider the organizational and operational structure of your company and make optimization potential transparent. We design processes and organizational structures according to your strategy and coordinate these with you. You benefit from our innovative methods and our many years of experience in process and organizational design.

Increasing efficiency

Growth without having to grow

Our experts help your company to ensure its future growth. For instance, we provided a client with a program based on their business model to achieve the following goals:

  • Establishing a new global target organization
  • Optimizing overhead
  • Stabilizing processes in the area of supplier and ramp-up management
  • Introducing a company-wide production system

Efficiency was increased in the direct and indirect areas of production. We considered both sides of the changes to processes and organization and guided them accordingly. From conceptualization to implementation.