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New Mobility Services for Customers in Response to Evolving User Behavior

Major trends in general consumer behavior, such as use instead of ownership, are having an increasing impact on people’s mobility behavior. In particular, new mobility concepts are being developed as part of user communities and the intelligent networking of different mobility services. In addition, autonomous transport means will change how people travel and will enable numerous new services, e.g. infotainment and entertainment services.

This means that there is potential in all of the four fields targeted by mobility offers for customers:

  • In the field of public mobility, particular attention is being paid to improvements to interconnected mobility services, regional networking concepts, and innovative parking concepts
  • In the field of individual mobility, networked mobility concepts, fixed and so-called “Pick & Drop” car sharing, car-sharing agencies, and urban electric vehicle services, including e-bikes, will see increased use in the future
  • In the field of vehicle-related services, opportunities are arising in areas such as tracking/ active fleet management, energy-related services, and intelligent route planning
  • In the field of transport and logistics, taxi services, transport services, and also medical services are becoming increasingly important

These developments in the field of new mobility will result in structural shifts both within and between industries and value-added sectors. New technologies are putting traditional producers at risk of losing their significance and new providers can push their way into a market that was not previously part of their business model.

We support you as you further develop your strategy and business model to make the best possible use of the opportunities offered in the field of new mobility. Our teams of consultants have a wealth of relevant project experience, particularly when it comes to OEMs and suppliers, fleet service providers and logistics companies, car sharing companies, energy suppliers, and providers in the public transport and local rail passenger transport markets.