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The public utilities and waste management industry is subject to considerable strain: Margins in the “classical” business models are falling while future issues such as renewable energy, decentralized power generation and services are fiercely contested or in parts only yield low earnings. The strained financial situation of the public authorities and many utilities companies is placing additional constraints upon their room for maneuver.

Companies in public transport are also affected by the increasing liberalization of the markets and new requirements in terms of efficiency and division of tasks along the entire value chain.

The structural change in the utilities and transport market has made it necessary to reassess corporate strategy, to seize opportunities to optimize efficiency, and to adjust corporate performance management in this uncertain environment. Our clients must find the answers to the following questions, among others:

  • How can we raise the power to innovate of our employees and what do sustainably successful business models look like in a “smart world”?
  • How can utilities companies profit from the trend towards decentralized power generation structures and what does a target-based marketing approach look like?
  • What cooperation models can we use to offer our customers a comprehensive solution concept?
  • What do cost-optimized processes and structures look like in the value creation levels and in the support functions?
  • What are the right controlling approaches and performance indicators required for guiding us safely through this dramatically changing regulatory and competitive environment?
  • How can we ensure we have sufficient financial room for maneuver to uphold infrastructure quality on the one hand and to drive the development of new business areas on the other?

In our competence center Utilities, we bundle together our consulting expertise for companies from energy and water supply, waste disposal and public transport. Our consultants possess deeply-rooted expertise from this industry. We will accompany you through the forthcoming changes from concept design to implementation.