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Innovations from the field of ICT – The main drivers of the transformation process in the industrial sector

ICT products are impacting upon more and more aspects of our lives; indeed, it is impossible to imaging going about our daily lives without information and communication technologies. Knowledge-based ICT systems help us manage the increasing complexity we face and unleash huge potentials for all companies along the value chain to engage in more intense interaction with their employees, their suppliers and their customers. Alongside cloud computing, hot topics in the ICT industry these days also include mobile applications, IT security and virtualization.

Against this turbulent background, ICT companies must face up to the following challenges in particular. We would be happy to provide you with support and advice.

  • Increasing effectiveness in the sales organization by establishing individual and sustainable customer service and loyalty
  • Increasing the financial power of your company through more effective organizations and processes
  • Identifying and expanding partner networks
  • Integrating cloud computing into your business strategy
  • Optimizing the product portfolio mix and commercializing big data management solutions