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Efficient risk management secures and increases your company value. It is, however, essential not to manage risks separately and in isolation from specific functions or business processes. Risks can represent many chances and opportunities – but only if risk assessments are an integral part of company strategy and information is fed back to planning and all relevant business processes.

We have developed a solution which integrates internal and external demands upon risk management in such a way that they are reflected consistently in the processes. This allows you to achieve significant impact with the lowest possible effort.

Our risk management concepts are aimed at collecting all the necessary key figures directly from the operational business processes and complementing these with additional external risk information, where necessary. This approach ensures that all the relevant risk information is fed back into the corporate decision process, providing support for corporate management and external reporting.

Our teams offer a combination of extensive experience in designing and setting up risk management systems and a deep understanding of business processes, regulatory requirements and IT implementation. We have gathered experience in a range of industries, particularly in the banking and insurance sector. This bundled knowledge is the basis for our solutions – it helps our clients master their risks and to make informed business decisions:

  • We will help you define your individual risk strategy and will assist you in the transformation of your risk organization and processes
  • We will offer our support in setting up or expanding your risk management systems which help you accurately assess and manage risks
  • We will help you set up your processes so that all compliance requirements are met, while ensuring the accuracy of your financial reporting

Horváth & Partners are the perfect partner for the development of your individually-tailored risk management strategy.