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Naturally, every entry to Horváth & Partners is different: Depending on whether you join us as a graduate, with initial or with extensive work experience. One thing remains the same, however: All new employees start off with a central introductory event at which you receive a broad overview of our organizational structure.

You also find out more about our strategy, our values, our approaches to project management, and our quality standards. At the same time, you start building up your first contacts with colleagues who, like you, are just starting out at Horváth & Partners.

Additionally, we also focus on a series of professional and methodological aspects. Experienced consultants give you a deep insight into our solutions, while external trainers provide courses on methodology. This is another opportunity to expand your network – both with other colleagues who joined us in recent months and with those who have been with us for many years.

After that, we will put you onto your first project as fast as possible, as we are firmly of the opinion that you can best manage your learning curve through active project work with challenging tasks.


As every other consultant at Horváth & Partners, you will also have an experienced mentor as a contact person with no direct ties to your project work who will be at your side from day one – for matters both professional and personal.

Together with your mentor you will define both targets and areas you wish to focus your activities and your development on. In this way, your career will be supervised and fostered across all your different project work.

It is especially during the first two years that the mentor finds suitable project deployments for the mentee which fit their professional background and yet remain challenging. As time passes, you will actively build up your own network – although it goes without saying that your mentor will always be there for you to advise you and supervise you in project selection.