Our success stories

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We asked the women involved in the Women@Horváth network the following questions: What have we learnt? What drives our success? How do we support each other? We received some fantastic answers from our community. Discover personal success stories and get some fascinating insights on life as a consultant.

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Good reasons for Horváth

Horváth's dedication to flexibility, support for women in leadership roles and inclusive events have demonstrated its excellence as an employer for working mothers. I feel valued and cherished here, regardless of the position in my career. This feeling, the passion for my job as a consultant and the enthusiasm for my projects are my motivation.

Annika & Johanna

Diversity & Trust - impetus for your development!

Here in the Operations team we are experts in the areas of production, supply chain management, procurement and R&D. We support companies from a wide range of industries to adapt their value chains to increasing competitive pressure, demanding customer requirements and rapid changes in the market. 


I am proud to be a part of Horváth Middle East

At Horváth, every voice matters, and equality is an essential aspect of our environment. I deeply appreciate the support I receive from my colleagues and the Women@Horváth community. Being a part of this open culture with its diversity has enriched my career in a remarkable way.

Anna & Sophia

Build your own network

Women often tend to believe that they have to find answers to every question and should overcome challenges alone. But in fact, it is the exchange with others that moves our ideas forward and inspires us. Daily interaction with female colleagues at Horváth have always given me new perspectives and motivated me to try out new things and champion my causes. Let's make it a habit to exchange ideas and support each other!


Women@Horváth Austria

I have always wanted to foster a vibrant and inclusive community of women in the consulting industry. At Horváth Austria, we are committed to strengthening the presence and personal growth of our female colleagues.